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J. P. King Set to Auction 19.45 +/- Acres in “Booming Franklin, TN Market”

June 17, 2024

Situated in a high growth area with Fortune 500 companies as well as other well-established companies nearby, J. P. King is set to offer a 19.45+/- Acre parcel which offers immense potential for redevelopment. The terrain of the land makes it an ideal canvas for various development projects, whether it be residential, or mixed-use. The proximity to established businesses not only ensures a built-in customer base but also enhances the property’s value and desirability. With its excellent location, growing surroundings, and ideal topography, this property stands as a lucrative prospect for any real estate developer looking to make a significant impact in the area.

Projections for this area include a new I-65 interchange, a future flyover to Lewisburg Pike, expansion of Carothers Pkwy to Peytonsville Rd, as well as widening Peytonsville Rd to 5 lanes. This area is in high demand as the City of Franklin just passed its Envision Franklin plan detailing the city’s plan for growth. As part of this plan, this parcel’s approximately and future zoning has been marked Mixed Residential. While currently in the county, the property can easily be annexed into the city.


Bidding Set to end August 1st!  Learn more and view property listing HERE

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