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J. P. King Auction Company brings select and well vetted high value properties to market for our non-distressed sellers. We offer a high level of buyer support and the terms of sale of all our events are simple and straightforward.

A J. P. King auction is free of drawn-out negotiations and contingencies, and our auction marketing specialists ensure you are fully prepared prior to auction day to make a confident decision in buying your next high-end property.

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Our buyers can have confidence that our available properties have undergone an extensive screening process to ensure it meets our high quality standards. Once we have completed our evaluation of each property, we will then offer auction details and extensive property information, allowing you to see exactly what to expect before participating in our auction or placing your bid.

We understand the needs of our bidders and the importance of their evaluation process.   For that reason, we offer assistance and provide a variety of tools including our informative website and our Auction Information Center to help you get the information you desire.

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A J. P. King auction event is created with our elite buyers in mind and we strive to accommodate in every way possible.  A J. P. King auction may include, where appropriate, several bidding formats:

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For more than a century, J. P. King has provided our buyers the opportunity to purchase the most desirable properties across the nation.

Our auction marketing specialists are committed to assisting our bidders through a convenient and transparent auction process.  Our team is prepared to answer any auction related questions, so you can have the necessary information at a moment’s notice.

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