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Development Property Auctions

A J. P. King auction is a proven, reliable sales and marketing program that has been used by many of the nations leading developers in hundreds of developments resulting in the sale of over 5,000 condominiums and thousands of premium home-sites from coast to coast.  A J. P. King Auction will often net a greater return than an ordinary sales program which typically require a year or more to sell-out.  A J. P. King auction creates superior separation within the market and allows buyers to focus on your development.

Our marketing program offers an exceptional “Call To Action”, which can motivate your buyers with their decisions to buy and provide a jump-start over competing developments. Our accelerated sales process allows you to eliminate carrying costs including: marketing, association shortfall expenses, debt service, and sales staff expenses.

A J. P. King auction allows you to sell-out all remaining units at today’s prices and eliminate the uncertainty of future market conditions with a cash only, non-contingent sale.

Maximize Development Real Estate

At J. P. King, our specialists simplify auctioning developments into a three-step process:

Auctions Equal Solutions

Developers are forced at times to offer unnecessary incentives and promotions to move inventory and attract the attention of qualified buyers.

With a J. P. King sale and marketing program you will have the opportunity to eliminate carrying costs and sell-out all units at today’s prices as well as eliminate the uncertainty of future market conditions.

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J. P. King Auction Company has your best interest in mind and works diligently to provide you with the best solution possible when it comes to selling out your development at auction.

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