Property #4

4629 North Overland Trail

LaPorte, Colorado

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PROPERTY TYPE 35 acres with improvements
DESCRIPTION Property 4 includes 35 acres, three office/laboratory buildings and a dome structure.  The property is partially fenced and has ample parking spaces.
LOCATION The property is located off of North Overland Trail (County Road 21C) in Larimer County, LaPorte, Colorado.


35.03 acres


The property is accessed from North Overland Trail (County Road 21C) and West County Road 56 in La Porte.
2004 TAXES The current mill levy for property taxes is 87.623.  Taxes are calculated based on the following formula: 

Assessed Value X 0.29 X 0.087623 = Total Annual Taxes

ZONING The property is currently zoned "O" (open).