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Premier Duck Hunting Property on 1,900+/- Acres, Selling in 3 Parcels

Located in western Tennessee on the Mississippi River, within the Mississippi Alluvial Valley, Feather Hunting Preserve is a 1,900+/- acre premier, duck hunting property. This desirable tract of land will be selling in three parcels. Parcel 1 consists of 418+/- acres, Parcel 2 consists of 553+/- acres, and Parcel 3 features 939+/- acres that will be selling absolute. Feather Hunting Preserve is ideally suited for hunting waterfowl because of its surrounding borders, proximity to the Mississippi Flyway, and its river bottom topography.

Reelfoot Lake, a 36,000 acre lake that serves as Tennessee’s only large natural lake, is immediately north of the property, additional surroundings include White’s Lake Refuge to the south, Lake Isom to the east, and a rice field to the west. All of these neighboring territories are protected by the NWR, TWRA, WMA, and NWLR, therefore, hunting is not allowed in these protected areas. Because of the government regulations on the surrounding properties, Feather Hunting Preserve is a prime locale for hunting migratory waterfowl.

Feather Hunting Preserve and its neighboring properties are located in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley, which is a subset of the Lower Mississippi River Ecosystem. The Valley spans 24 million acres and is comprised of terrain that includes natural levees, basins and flats, point bar formations, terraces, tributary floodplains, and depressional wetlands. Complementing its floodplain terrain, the property also features extensive hardwood and pines throughout making it perfectly suited for flooded timber hunting.

Situated in the floodplains of the Mississippi River within the Mississippi Alluvial Valley, Feather Hunting Preserve is sportsmen’s paradise for waterfowl hunters.

This desirable hunting area is a wintering ground for waterfowl populations that breed in Canada and the Midwestern United States. Mallards, especially, are prone to fly the migration route that follows the nearby Mississippi River while utilizing the Reelfoot and Lake Isom refuges as wintering and stopover areas. Additional waterfowl that are known to occupy this area includes black ducks, ring-necked ducks, gadwall, pintail, green-winged, teal, widgeon, wood duck, and hooded merganser. The wood ducks reside in the area year-round and use the adjacent refuge habitats for nesting and rearing. 

With two bordering refuges that serve as wintering grounds for migratory waterfowl, Feather Hunting Preserve is a prime location for hunting ducks during flight days.

Feather Hunting Preserve is located in the town of Ridgely in Lake County, just 15 miles north of Dyersburg. This northwestern Tennessee locale is a desirable destination for hunting enthusiasts. Known for its legendary duck hunting, the historic Reelfoot Lake area is also popular for fishing, agriculture, and observing endangered species such as the bald eagle.

 Feather Hunting Preserve is ideal for flooded timber hunting and is located in one of the country’s major migration routes. 



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Registration begins at 10:00 A.M. (CT). 


The auction event will be held at Dorthy’s Restaurant, located at 100 S Headden Drive, Ridgley, TN38080. The auction will begin at 11:00 A.M. (CT).


From Dyersburg: From I-155, take the exit towards TN-78 North for approximately 15.5 miles. Turn left onto Riley Road and travel approximately 0.5 miles, crossing over a railroad track.  At the railroad track, proceed straight on to Hampton Road.  Travel approximately 1.6 miles on Hampton Road to the dead end. Turn right onto Robinson Bayou Road and travel approximately 0.5 mile. Turn left onto first dirt road and cross over Tiptonville-Obion Levee Road to arrive at the property. 


An auction representative will be available for personal tours of the property by appointment only.  You may contact our Auction Information Center at 800.558.5464 to schedule your personal tour.   


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