PREMIER AUCTIONS : Broker Referral Program

All over the country, luxury brokers are discovering that a J. P. King auction can transform premier properties into the center of attention and turn an aging or expiring listing into a commission. With our highly visible campaign to a regional, national and global audience, a J. P. King auction casts a wider net than other programs. That’s why brokers who have turned to J. P. King in the past tend to come back with future properties.

Brokers, who have time motivated sellers, partner with J. P. King because they can sell and close their property in an accelerated time frame. Through J. P. King’s selected database, you can effectively reach an exclusive and affluent buyer profile, while freeing up your time and resources to obtain new clients and listings.

Through the Alliance Referral Program, J. P. King has created alliances with the brokerage community including Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate, whose member brokers represent more than 100,000 agents throughout the U. S. and abroad.

The ideal candidate for a J. P. King auction is a property expected to sell for $1.5 million or more with a seller committed to selling at a market price determined by the open competition of the auction. It can be especially useful for properties that, for some reason, have had difficulty rising above the market clutter and attracting attention. Because numerous factors go into a property's suitability for auction, it is best to consult a J. P. King Auction Marketing Specialist for a complete evaluation.

Please email us to see how our experience can create results for you.


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